Honors and Qualifications



Certificate of Environmental Management System

Certificate of Environmental Management System-English

Pacesetter Enterprise

Occupational Health Certificate

Occupational Health Certificate-English

Certificate of Quality Management System

Certificate of Quality Management System-English

Honor Certificate of Shandong Meritorious Person in Low Carbon

Shandong Top-ten Leading Person in Low Carbon

Vice Chairman Unit of Heze Forest Industry Association

Leading Enterprise in Heze Quality Demonstration Area of Export Products such as Wood, Straw and Willow

Enterprise Overseas Listing Meritorious Award

Top 100 private enterprises in Shandong

Shandong famous

Certificate 2 of Shandong Famous Agricultural (Forest and Aquatic) Products

Certificate of Shandong Famous Agricultural (Forest and Aquatic) Products

Shandong Advanced Foreign Trade Enterprise

Shandong Leading Forest Industry Enterprise

Township Entrepreneur

China Leading Enterprise of Agriculture Industrialization

Contract-abiding and Promise-keeping Enterprise

Medium-sized First-grade Enterprise

Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate

Customs Adjustment Written Decision

China Famous Trademark

Double-excellence Enterprise Award